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SunflowerMama 08:17 AM 01-10-2011
What is your wording on kids bringing outside food. I don't know why I didn't have something in my contract already for this (never had a problem until now) but I have a new family that is starting to send 4 yr old dcg with something every day now.

At first I was hoping it was maybe just once when they were running late but today it was strawberry milk and Friday it was juice (I only serve water and milk) so of course the other kids are begging for these things now even though I took them away and put them in the fridge until pickup.

What is your wording for outside food/snacks?
misol 09:10 AM 01-10-2011
Mine is way longer than this but you could simply say: "ABC Daycare provides breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack each day. The meals that your child receives will depend on the hours that he/she is in care. Unless your child has special dietary needs, do not send any food or drink with them to daycare. Please have your child finish uneaten food and drinks while in the car."

Also, if a child has a need for a special diet I will request a note from their doctor - as is required by my food program.
Blackcat31 09:46 AM 01-10-2011
My policy book simply says "All meals and snacks are provided so NO food is allowed to be brought into my home. Thank you for your cooperation." I have this statement in two sections of the handbook. Once in meals and snacks area and again in the respect of my household rules. I have only had it happen a few times and never had a repeat offender. I have had to explain why to a few parents but everyone is generally good about it.
laundrymom 11:13 AM 01-10-2011
Other than special diets, Do not send your child with candy, snacks, or food. If they are still eating wait with them in the car. If they come in with something they may either hand it to you or throw it away. I canít store food or drinks in cubbies
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