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SimpleMom 08:00 AM 07-28-2011
Is there a resource any of you are aware of that I could refer to for behaviors? I have a three-almost 4 yr old that is really active--in a sense. They are very impulsive, sensitive, love toys that make noise (more than others), can't seem to sit still--ever. Very sweet little one, but at the same time ends up hurting someone (i.e. a toy is thrown and someone intercepts it so-to-speak). It's been going on for over a year and a half. Hasn't grown out of the phase. I have taken proactive approaches and the parent's and I have been working together on the issue. It's not a term ordeal, just wanted to get some ideas as to what might be going on and how else to work with them.
Unregistered 09:46 AM 07-28-2011
I have a dck like that. Unfortunately I do not have suggestions. Just wanted to say I hear ya!

Most frustrating part for me is that she/he can not follow a 1 step direction without being told more than 1 time (which is non typical for that age). Can not track to complete any task ever!
SimpleMom 10:49 AM 07-28-2011
I do have to repeat a lot. I usually give 1 step directions and need to repeat that a bunch as well as keep on their toes to complete the task. Good to know I'm not alone
Michael 10:59 AM 07-28-2011
newtodaycare22 11:04 AM 07-28-2011
Here is a synopsis of ADHD but doctors will rarely diagnose a 3 year old. Go to the latter pages of this link and it has suggestions for dealing with it.
SimpleMom 11:20 AM 07-28-2011
Thank you. I'll push more excersize for this one. think it is hyperactivity/attention stuff. I know dr.s won't diagnos and I wouldn't ask them too.
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