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happymom 02:03 PM 01-14-2019
Does anyone have any suggestions for good pick your own path books for 3rd grade reading level?

Are these still a thing?
I think my boy would love them so I am looking for some suggestions!
Laugh and Learn 09:24 PM 01-14-2019
My son likes these. There are a lot by “You choose books” there are life as.... a ninja for example, and historical ones etc. I request them at my local library. Hope he likes them.
Blackcat31 07:13 AM 01-15-2019
I remember those types of books from when I was younger!! Loved them!!!

I haven't seen as many of them as I used to but I see these "Choose Your Own Adventure" books alot so they must be a current series that kids are reading.

Those seem geared towards 6-9 yr olds but I also saw some for younger readers
Blackcat31 07:16 AM 01-15-2019
Also found these:

"Power to Choose" series.... seems there are only two books right now but the possibilities seem endless!

happymom 11:55 AM 01-15-2019

Thank you! My son is almost 7 but reads really well for his age, so these will be perfect!

I am going to put them on hold at my library if I can.
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