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kcnjason 12:43 PM 08-04-2011
I run a home childcare, I am not a pre-academic daycare as some are. I do a preschool program with the kids but we are flexible. If they aren't willing to do the work we will try again later, I wan't them to enjoy being kids while they can. However, I have a lot of preschool papers, themes, activity sheets and I am looking for ideas as to how to organize all of the papers a little better so when I want something I can go right to it rather than searching every folder until I am able to find it. Any ideas?
thecrazyisout 12:47 PM 08-04-2011
I am starting to organize all of my things. I am actually going to do a 3 Ring Binder for every month, and then the months are planned for the next year. I will have a Table of Contents of projects etc in my computer and where I can find them in my binders if I am searching for it. I thought about organizing all electronic, but I want to keep the samples of the projects I have done. Also, I have heard people having bins for lesson weeks with a folder in them.
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