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Unregistered 07:10 PM 06-01-2011
I am a stay at home mom and will be watching 2 children in my home along with my infant son. I know that in NY you can watch a certain number of children and not have a license. However what I do not know is if i can deduct any expenses at the end of the year, such as heat, electric etc. I live in upstate NY, not NYC if that makes any difference. Hope someone can help.

Michael 07:47 PM 06-01-2011
You may find your answer in our Daycare and Taxes section:
Unregistered 09:26 PM 06-01-2011
In NY your own child counts toward your ratio. You may legally only care for 2 children without being licensed. Taking 2 children besides your own child is illegal. Illegal operators cannot deduct any expenses.
Michael 09:28 PM 06-01-2011
Unregistered 06:13 AM 06-02-2011
I think you can legally watch 2 children that are unrelated to you here in you may be able to claim deductions. I think you should maybe call your local child care council or just call OCFS and ask them...they should have all the info you need....good luck to you!
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