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care-care 11:25 AM 03-04-2011
I have a ton of toys I could be writing down that I have owned in my home. But I only had one infant for 2010 could I just use these toys in next years numbers? This baby cant use the items yet And I didnt have anyone else to use them.
Also I started in end of oct Should I put my lawn mower and all that stuff for 2011 being we started winter soon after child began care.I could list my snow blower and my shovels and enter lawn stuff later? is that adviable? I need to be done with this stuff. ugh
Michael 04:40 PM 03-04-2011
You might be able to find your answers from Tom's previous posts:
TomCopeland 07:59 PM 03-04-2011
If you bought something in 2010 that you didn't use at all, you can wait until 2011 to deduct it. Don't count your lawn mower or other items you had or purchased in 2010 that you didn't use in your business. You can begin claiming deductions on items only after you start using them in your business.
care-care 08:16 PM 03-04-2011
Thank you thats what I was figuring
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