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WImom 05:57 PM 06-10-2011
I used to have some of my space divided up. I liked it but I needed more floor space as I got more children so I know have everything against the wall. I'd like to back to having some division but need some ideas of how I can move the items out of the way easily for music and movement and nap If need be.

If you have pics that would be great too.
Abigail 05:59 PM 06-10-2011
We don't have good dividers, they're just the boards with lots of holes in them that stand alone about the height of a standard baby gate and can easily be pushed over. We use baby gates and deep wide shelves to separate a toddler/infant/preschool age ranges.
Michael 07:43 PM 06-10-2011
Another divider thread:
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