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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Very Important Message About Drownings
momofsix 08:27 AM 07-09-2010
i have this as my facebook status, it has some very good info about drownings that I never knew-and we had a pool for years! I wish i had learned this sooner.
MarinaVanessa 08:32 AM 07-09-2010
Thanks for this! I would have never known. It's amazing the things we think we know but know at all.
misol 10:49 AM 07-09-2010
Oh thanks so much for sharing! This is so helpful. I will post this as my facebook status too.
MommyMuffin 12:33 PM 07-09-2010
Great information. I will try to remember this everytime I am with my children in or near water. It makes me so nervous.
WImom 01:49 PM 07-09-2010
Thanks. My parents have a pool my kids swim at all the time. I'm sending this to them as well as facebook.
TGT09 02:02 PM 07-09-2010
Thanks for sharing! Sent this to my FB!
Michael 12:20 AM 07-10-2010
That is a great article. I almost drowned once in a rough ocean with a beach full of people. No one came to help me. I was lucky enough to get to shore exhausted. It was a horrible experience. Since then I rarely go into the ocean.
momofsix 06:02 AM 07-10-2010
Wow Michael, how scary. Thankful that you made it out ok! My nephew almost drowned in a kiddie pool, about a foot of water. He just slipped in, and stayed down-very quiet,calm...he was already unconcious when his mom found him-which she says was only a very short time (I do believe her). Water can be such fun to cool off in on these hot days, but it's also VERY scary!
gbcc 04:41 AM 07-12-2010
I hate to admit this.... but we were in a pool swimming once and I was watching my son swim. He is a good swimmer and often swims underwater. He came up gasping for air telling me he almost drowned. He got confused in his direction apparently and I had no idea at all. I am a hover mom as well so I was literally right on top of him watching him and there were honestly no signs of struggle at all.
Janet 11:39 AM 07-12-2010
It doesn't take much water for a child to drown. It's scary!

Yesterday when I was tubing down the river with my family and some friends, there was a little girl who fell off of her raft and even though her family was right by her, she panicked and immediately went under. They pulled her out, but it only takes a moment and if you're in water with a current, then you can be pulled away fast.

Last year in Mexico, my daughter playfully shoved me into the Pacific Ocean at night time and the tide was so strong that it started pulling me out into the ocean fast! My husband grabbed my arm and pulled me out, but it was still scary.
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