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Upset13 10:01 PM 07-22-2014
I picked my three year old up today. All the children were outside playing with water from a bucket. I said "Where is the hose?". The owner told me it's excess water from the air conditioner and they play in it all the time. :*( Should I take my daughter to the doctor?
Michael 02:05 AM 07-23-2014
In my opinion no. If its standing water that has mosquito larva, maybe. I think you are ok but if you want to be safe, call and ask your doctor.
lovemykidstoo 04:50 AM 07-23-2014
I really don't know what would be wrong with it. No different than kids playing in mudpuddles. Think about back in the day when I would drink water from the hose. yuck!
daycarediva 10:38 AM 07-23-2014
It's probably just condensate.

I would be grossed out by it though, it doesn't seem like best practice. Are they so lazy that they can't/won't go fill a bucket of water from a sink or hose?
TwinKristi 12:03 PM 07-23-2014
It's condensation from the air inside the house so unless you think their air quality is poor, the water is fine. We have an AC unit in our house and I use the water for our garden. Why waste it?
Dilley Beans 04:00 PM 07-23-2014
We have one of these AC units. The water is condensation that drips out of the house through a small tube. It isn't an issue, but the water usually has a little oil residue from going through the machine. I personally have it collect in a bucket and dump it on my potted rose in the front yard. I would not want kids playing in it just because I don't like open water around children. That is why we have it go out the front of our house, not the backyard where my daughter plays.
sylviacorbett 02:23 AM 07-04-2015
Well yes, I do feel that this is a cause of concern. Some time back I read that the water leaking out of the air conditioners are harmful for children as they have been through a machine and contains oils that can cause allergies to children. Using the water for garden is a different matter. But since children are already very susceptible to infections, I think it would be a better idea to get a check up from a doctor. I wouldn't like my son to be playing in water that is leaking from an air conditioner!
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