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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Do You Think I Got the Job?
UNREGISTERED 05:32 PM 10-05-2019
I had an interview today and it only lasted about 10 mins. It was with the director and the lady who puts together the curriculum. After about 10/15 minutes, the curriculum lady takes me on a 40 minute tour of the whole center (JCC) she took me to all the rooms and I met most of the teachers. She talked about how great the place is and how almost everyone has been there for years. She joked that you're in it for life. She said to me, "We never hire people who don't smile. You're smiling so that's good." She took me to the admin lady and that lady gave me another application to fill out. Then about an hour after my interview, the director called all my references.
racemom 06:56 AM 10-06-2019
Yes. I think they are checking references/background and will be offering you a position if everything checks out!
kendallina 04:53 AM 10-07-2019
I never checked references unless I was going to offer a job. Good luck!
Cat Herder 08:04 AM 10-08-2019
Sounds like you are in, to me. Not likely they would have introduced you to everyone (room leads) unless they were evaluating which room you clicked with the best. The tour was the practical interview.
LK5kids 06:37 PM 10-12-2019
Typically references are checked when they plan to hire. Did you get the job?
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