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Old 04-26-2012, 11:31 AM
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Default almost 4y old behavior..concern or not?

I have a DCB that will be 4 next month (He is a twin, I have sister here too). I know they will have a 4y check up next month and I've been wondering if I should mention to have parents talk to the doctor about the DCB. Do any of these things seem to be of concern, or maybe not one thing but them all put together? Sorry this long but I want to make sure before I say anything.

* Music Time - about a month ago there was a song he was scared of (Mahna Mahna song). When it came on he ran in the bathroom and wouldn't come out. I stopped the song but the next three days he kept trying to stay in the bathroom during music time. He did get over it after some coaching by parents and me and me changing around my music time (not doing music, just movement games, then added one song, assuring him I got rid of the song, etc). Well today I put on "The Hoppity Song" and he ran into the bathroom and wouldn't come out. I turned it off, but know I'm going to have to redo music time again.

*He wanders alot during playtime.

*Throws lots of tantrums (If I correct him for anything, if he doesn't get his way, if he can't do something the first time, etc). A normal day is 3-4 tantrums here.

*Did have speech problem and drooling when he first started a year ago but that seemed to stop about 6 month ago and he is talking alot more clearly.

*VERY Nosy - always trying to see what I'm doing on the computer, will be standing right by me when I talk to parents, has to see what I'm doing with other kids, etc. (THIS drives me nuts)

*Had to get rid of nosey toys because he'd just hit the button over and over and not play with it.

*He is very smart with letters, counting, etc. Reminds me of things, if I didn't change the job chart when he gets here (They are my first right when I open so I don't always get to it yet. I always just say "It will be changed before we need it. He is very routine, doesn't seem to like change.

*Sometimes I feel he isn't understanding what I'm saying. Alot of times when I give a direction he seems lost or doesn't do what I had asked.

*He cries a few times a week when he wakes up and sometimes in his sleep
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Old 04-26-2012, 12:33 PM
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Sounds like two of my dcbs. 4 and almost 4.

Similar screaming and tantrums, wandering, inability to understand directions, and especially the aversion to music/dancing. Mine have scripted speech and "announcer voice" type inflections, and strong reactions to small changes.

We were dancing inside to a dance video because it was raining, these two also hid.

I suspect a spectrum disorder. So yeah, I'd mention it.
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