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kidkair 04:09 PM 01-22-2012
I need some help on wording a raising rates letter. I'm only raising some client's rates and each one is different so they'll be getting slightly different letters. I'm just at a loss for wording. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!
Lucy 04:42 PM 01-22-2012
Keep it simple and don't try to explain.

Dear Families,

After much thought and consideration, I will be raising my rates effective (date). Your new rate is below:

__________________ per __________ due on _____________


Leave the last part with blanks to fill in with pen on each individual note.

I've found that the simpler you make it, the better. I feel it is more professional this way than to blab on about WHY you think you need to raise, and you're sorry, and if they have questions or concerns just ask, blah, blah, blah. Just do it and don't apologize!!
Michael 06:06 PM 01-22-2012
I know we have sample letters in some of these older threads:
kidkair 11:36 AM 01-23-2012
Joyce: Thank you. I knew to keep it short but I couldn't come up with just the right phrasing.

Michael: I did try searching first but it's so much faster to just ask some times.
Unregistered 09:58 AM 01-24-2012
Great. Are there any rules / ideas about raising rates? I would love to do it, but afraid of what the parents will say.. Often when the letter is official, they will still ask explanation in person. This is not an easy business guys..
kidkair 03:05 PM 01-24-2012
I'm raising rates mainly because I kept my rates low for the first few years and now am matching the norm of my peers which is much higher than what I was charging. I now realize I'm worth the money and having my current clients be so far below my new clients makes me feel like I'm being cheated. But I'm only cheating myself for not raising rates. So I'm increasing rates $5 to $15 per week depending on the clients. It will help me feel better in more ways than one though my current clients will still be well under new clients. That said if any asked me directly why I will answer "Because I need to and I am worth it." Depending on the client I may explain more but I'm hoping everyone just accepts it and doesn't pry too much.
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