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View Poll Results: Holidays off!
No, I work both days. 23 45.10%
I have both days off! Yippie, 4 day weekend! 7 13.73%
I have good Friday off. 21 41.18%
I have Monday following Easter off. 0 0%
Voters: 51. You may not vote on this poll
Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Good Friday, Easter Sunday/Monday
ABCDaycareMN 06:25 PM 03-05-2013
In my contract I have scheduled paid Holidays for Good Friday and for the Monday following Easter. Do you take these days off also?
snbauser 06:32 PM 03-05-2013
I am closed Good Friday. The following week is our spring break. I am really hoping I don't have kids since both mom's are teachers. I know one family typically goes away that week and I'm hoping the other keeps their kids at least a couple of days.
mema 06:33 PM 03-05-2013
I work both. None of my families get them off.
ABCDaycareMN 06:39 PM 03-05-2013
Actually i only have good friday off. Maybe i should read my own contract! LOL

But good friday i am taking my neighbors kids for just the day. so i really dont have a day off...... oh well more $$$$$
MNMum 06:48 PM 03-05-2013
I have Good Friday off, but I only do daycare M-Th. If I worked M-F, I would probably offer care, as most people would not get this day off, nor the Monday after Easter. Heck, I don't even get holiday pay if I work Easter at the hospital
Sunshine74 07:03 PM 03-05-2013
I wasn't exactly sure how to answer the poll. Our center is open both days, but I took Good Friday this year. Usually I work both days.
Msdunny 07:18 PM 03-05-2013
I took the state holiday, which is Friday. All my parents have the day off. (If I hadn't closed, they would have brought them)
CedarCreek 07:25 PM 03-05-2013
Originally Posted by mema:
I work both. None of my families get them off.
Same here.

I was actually supposed to have I think veterans day off or something last year and I had to stay open because none of my families were off.
Play Care 02:53 AM 03-06-2013
I am not taking them this year. In years past I have but many of my parents do have to work that day and I might have school agers.
daycarediva 04:43 AM 03-06-2013
I took Good Friday off this year
Holiday Park 05:03 AM 03-06-2013
I am closing for spring break and I also close on days my kids are out f school. But some days I dont close and wasn't planning to close on that Friday. I am only down to 1dcb 4days a week (tue-fri) and can't afford to take off a Friday because I don't charge for days I close.
Texasjeepgirl 05:19 AM 03-06-2013
I am closed GOOD FRIDAY...
OPEN Monday

itlw8 06:06 AM 03-06-2013
I take all state holidays off so I do not take Good Friday. None of my parents have it off.

Except this year. Good FRiday is during Spring Break and all families have one teacher. We are going to a wedding. I am closed Good FRiday but I stayed open on Lincolns Birthday in trade.
Taking the grandkids to the zoo hope it is nice. If not the hotel has a pool and playground LOL
canadiancare 06:08 AM 03-06-2013
Off with pay. It is a holiday for all my parents.
Springdaze 06:13 AM 03-06-2013
i am supposed to be closed Friday and one family is off, but not sure about the other. i am going to mention it and see what happens. I love the kid and he has been out alot with bronchitis and a broken collarbone.
Blackcat31 06:23 AM 03-06-2013
I am closed on Friday (paid) but open Monday.
EntropyControlSpecialist 08:38 AM 03-06-2013
This year, I scheduled Good Friday off (paid).

I am looking forward to it! My child will be on his high school trip and I will be relaxing in blissful SILENCE!
williams2008 08:55 AM 03-06-2013
I work both.
My Lil' Monkeys 12:09 PM 03-06-2013
I'm off Good Friday (Paid) like every year. It's in my contract under holidays
MarinaVanessa 12:25 PM 03-06-2013
I work both. It's my personal preference. My husband doesn't get either day off either so I don't see the point in closing. I'm planning a little pre-Easter party here at daycare and the kids and I will be making/decorating little easter baskets and dying egg shells to make confetti eggs .
Sunchimes 05:15 PM 03-06-2013
I was going to be open, but as of today, DCM has the day off. There is a slim possibility that will change, but we won't know until that week. I'm available if they need me. Monday is a normal workday for all of us.
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