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TwinMama 05:21 PM 10-22-2019
You would think I would be better at this, but I'm not. How do you nicely word that you're taking this Holiday time off?
Cat Herder 05:45 PM 10-22-2019
I give them an annual school calendar with my days off highlighted and listed the same way the public schools do. I use these free templates, some are monthly as well:

Jo123ABC 07:14 PM 10-22-2019
I just send a message to each of them monthly or so. Worded like this:

"Good morning! November (or "upcoming" if it's for more than 1 month) closed days are:
Nov. 11-holiday
Nov 28- holiday
Nov. 29- provider vacation day
jenboo 08:49 PM 10-22-2019
I send out a calendar in nov/dec for the following year with all the days I'm closed and which ones are paid.

Maybe just make a holiday calendar outlining them?
DaveA 03:31 AM 10-23-2019
My parent reminder is just "I am closed the following days:" then list the days and if they are paid or unpaid.
CountryRoads 07:06 AM 10-23-2019
I have my holiday and Christmas break closures in my handbook.

I send out a mass message through BW reminding them of upcoming closures. I will also sometimes print out a letter and stick it in their bags if it's not a usual day I close.

I'll say something like:

Friendly reminder that daycare is closed XXX


Friendly reminder that daycare is closed the following days:

Annalee 08:08 AM 10-23-2019
In my contract I list personal, professional, holidays, and vacation time with unlimited emergency days (some years I use many emergency days, some years none)

I then put (list is not limited to these days to protect myself if something unexpected arises like attending the NAFCC conference this year)

And then I put 52 weeks pay each year. Fees are based on spot, not attendance.

I provide a monthly newsletter for reminders and have an dry erase easel on porch at entrance with monthly reminders.

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