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Zinober 04:25 AM 01-28-2021
A 3 year old child had surgery on her leg and knee. She is unable to walk. A full recovery is expected in 5 weeks. She currently has a brace on and it is expected to be removed in 5 weeks. Mom wants to bring her back to preschool now. We feel unprepared for this and concerned for the level of care needed. There are 11 children in her class with 2 teachers and both teachers are wonderful but feel overwhelmed by this request. We told the parents that she can come back when she is able to walk. Parents do not seem to be able to understand this. Can any one offer language or their ideas on this matter. Thank you!
Cat Herder 05:11 AM 01-28-2021
Is your center wheelchair accessible?
Unregistered 08:09 PM 02-07-2021
I think you should take her back. In my 30 years of experience, 11 children to 2 teachers is not too much for you to be able to care for her for 5 weeks. If you can do it you should.
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