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rachadelle 07:49 AM 04-17-2009
I have a 7 month old that I am taking care of that is very clingy and cries all the time for anything. I can't walk out of her sight without her screaming at the top of her lungs. I have my two children to take care of besides her. Also she won't play with any toys or sit up. She knows how but she screams if I make her sit up. All she does is stay in the swing. I can't get her to do anything and she wants to be held all the time. Do any of you have any suggestions?
lilbiddapopcorn 04:08 AM 04-18-2009
Normally I would say let her cry it out, but have you considered she might be having stomach pain? Is she experiencing colic maybe? It seems odd that she would scream when having to sit up but not i n a swing where she might be reclined enough... I think I would suggest a doctor visit to mom and if that comes back OK then yes, I would let her cry it out for a while. Once she realizes you're there for her but you're not going to cart her around 24-7, she'll probably relax and end up having more fun in the long run. She might just be having some seperation anxiety about mom. Good luck.
rachadelle 07:09 AM 04-20-2009
I think it might be just separation anxiety because she was brought to the doctor and there is nothing wrong.
tinyexplorers 10:42 AM 04-21-2009
I have had this happen to me repeatedly and it is always hard balance. I hold the child and engage the child at different point during the day. However I put the child down and engage the other children often.(not to mention taking a well deserved break) I try to meet the needs of the child and still teach her to self soothe and entertain herself. I know that caring for screaming baby I really tough physically and mentally. In my experience eventually we work out a happy and loving truce.
Unregistered 04:20 PM 04-21-2009
Perhaps this baby's parents practice attachment parenting, and she's crying so much b/c she's used to having her needs met immediately?

I practiced this with my four children and several daycare infants/toddlers, and the best thing I found was a baby sling called a Maya Wrap or a MaiTai (check ebay for great prices from WAHM's). You just put the sling on, put the baby in, and go about your day. Baby is nestled right against your heart or your back (depending on which you get and how you wear the baby), and the baby will be as snug as a little bug in a rug.

And you will be more calm b/c no more crying baby stressing you out! LOL

Seriously, I recommend these slings to everybody I know - parents and daycare providers alike - and I always buy one for any baby shower I'm attending. They are the best!

And before somebody says the old myth, NO, wearing the baby all the time does NOT spoil the baby!!! It gives the baby what the baby needs - constant human contact, a great vantage point to hang out and see all the neat stuff going on, a great spot to nap from the motion of your body moving, etc. And as the person wearing the baby, you are able to respond to the baby's needs immediately since you recognize them as soon as the baby has them (wet diaper, dirty diaper, hunger, etc.). It really gives you a great bond with the child.
cadaycare 08:42 PM 04-23-2009
Hi -
I agree with the attachment parenting technique. I can imagine the baby could be feeling insecure b/c she'e away from her parents. If you carry her around in one of the before mentioned carriers she will eventually feel more secure. Then, she'll probably want to play with toys and be on her own. She is probably soothed in the swing because it reminds her of home, or mom/dad. I used an awesome carrier for attachment parenting for my son. It's called The Moby Wrap. It's a REALLY long piece of fabric that can be wrapped around your body all different ways (depending on the age/size of the baby). It's really comfortable because it supports the weight on your hips instead of shoulders. Here's the website for them:
I hope things get better for you. I can imagine how tough it must be.
rachadelle 07:42 AM 04-28-2009
She is better now. She's playing now and doesn't want to be in the swing anymore. I did not do the wraps or carriers. She eventually got over it.
GretasLittleFriends 05:06 PM 04-30-2009
That's good to hear!! Very relieving for you.
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