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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Staff Training Hours Requirement 06:24 AM 04-08-2011
So, a Paths to Quality inspector comes yesterday and says sites that 50% of all staff have to have 20hrs or more of official training. My wife has 2 employees, both who are relatively new and only have like 6hrs training. Since my wife is always present (and has plenty of training hours) - she told the inspector that the rule is for staff present and that since herself and 1 staff is what is on duty, that she is always in compliance. Which is true? Can they really put you back on level one if you have more than 50% of all staff with less than required training?
snbauser 09:24 AM 04-08-2011
Don't know about your particular state but here training hours are based on the number of hours regularly worked each week and are required for any staff member counted in ratio's. For the education portion of our star ratings, education points are based on the number of staff counted in ratio's.
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