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tenderhearts 08:54 AM 03-30-2010
It's been awhile since I had one this young so I was wondering about naps, she gets her some days at 7 am - 5 pm and I really want her to nap during the other kids nap/quiet time which is at 1, do they usually take 2 naps at this age still like an early morning then another one hopefully about 1 or 1:30? I know all kids are different but just going by how she's been the last few weeks she's been getting here about 9:30 and is already tired about noon but it's fine because her mom comes about 1:30 or 2 and I know she doesn't get up on those days until 8 or 8:30. So I was just wondering how your young ones nap, 7 am is early so I'm thinking she'll need 2.
momma2girls 09:08 AM 03-30-2010
It all depends on the child. I have one 17 month old comes at 7:30 every am, and they drive 45-50 min. to drive here every am, so I am thinking he is up by 6 am every am. Then I have another one who is 12 months who drives an hr. every am, she is up at 5:30 am every am. They are both really tired at about 9:00am, so I lay them both down for an am one and an afternoon one as well. They still take both of them really well here. It all depends on the child, if they can go til 12-1:00 for just the afternoon nap, mine can't, I have tried and it didn't work at all.
theflyingflamingo 07:05 PM 03-30-2010
I'm in the process of opening my daycare and come on here to get pointers - so the advice I have is from my children. I have 13 month old twin boys who still take 2 naps. They are up by 6:30am at the lastest and take a 9am and a 1pm nap. Hope that helps a bit.
SunflowerMama 07:11 PM 03-30-2010
As pp said it depends on the child. I have a 15 month old and she naps with everyone else at 1pm. She doesn't seem tired at all in the morning and does great until nap time and then is out at 1pm. Same schedule at home. Best of luck!!
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