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DBug 05:30 AM 05-06-2010
So, my 18 month old has been VERY tired (yawning, rubbing eyes) and fussy this week. It sounds like her home schedule is the same as it always has been -- bed around 9 pm or so, wake up around 6 am. Normally she sleeps here from 9-10am, and then 1-3pm. This week though, I've been putting her down from 8:30 -10, and then from 12:30 to 3. She doesn't seem any worse, but she doesn't seem any less tired either. I was trying to get her back on her normal schedule today, but it's 8:40 and she's freaking out (in between yawns).

Is there something else going on here that I'm not thinking about? And is that much daytime sleep okay for her age?
emosks 06:14 AM 05-06-2010
My 17 month old goes to bed at 7:00 every night...unless we are out and about. She sleeps until 7:00 at least too. Sounds to me like yours might not be getting enough sleep. Mine also naps once a day in the afternoon for 2-4 hours depending on the day.
MsKara 06:56 AM 05-06-2010
18 month olds need more sleep at night. Naps are great, but nothing is better than night time sleep. I'd cut back to one nap a day and start a longer nighttime routine. It may take a while for her to adjust, but I think she will be happier in the end.
SunflowerMama 07:02 AM 05-06-2010
My 18 month old dcg doesn't take a morning nap but sleeps from 12:30p - 3:30p with all the other kids. She's up around 7:30ish in the morning and goes to bed around 8p.
DBug 07:23 AM 05-06-2010
Ooh, I should specify -- this a dcg (that wasn't terribly clear in my first post). So, I don't have much of a say in her night-time routine unfortunately . While I don't agree with the late bedtime (9pm - I believe the parents aren't big fans of the CIO method ...), I also don't want her to start waking up at night because she's sleeping too much at my place.
MsKara 08:51 AM 05-06-2010
I would talk to the parents before it gets out of hand. This poor child needs sleep at night, and since you are noticing how overtired she is, you should mention that to her parents. I wouldn't bend over backwards to be giving her extra sleep time during the day. I'd stick to a normal schedule for an 18 month old and let the parents fix their part.
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