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sharlan 02:13 PM 01-26-2014
I have never used naptime mats. The littles have always used pack and plays and the older kids slept on the sofa.

I bought 2 mats today at Lakeshore as I don't have room to store cots.

Do you just use the sheet on the mat or do you put some kind of mattress pad between the sheet and the plastic?
Starburst 04:07 PM 01-26-2014
At the FCC I used to work at, the kids just always used the nap mats with a blanket and pillow (no sheets) that the parents left there during the week (in labeled plastic bags when stored) and took home over the weekend to wash, so that she would just have to wipe down the mats, if soiled or for routine sanitizing. The only sheets she used for the daycare kids were for the cribs. If the children are uncomfortable with just the mats you could have a blanket, towel, or sheet of fabric over the mats, finding a fitted sheet for nap mats might be difficult. But unless the parents bring it and are responsible for cleaning these items, it just more work and cleaning for you than without a sheet or barrier (especially when soiled).

Another thing you could do if you don't have much storage space is sew a few pillow cases together (about 3 or 4; can get plain ones at the dollar store) and put pillows in them when they are in use and take them out when you need more space for storage or when putting them in the wash (something I saw on Pinterest).
Naptime yet? 05:26 PM 01-26-2014
I use crib sheets & mattress protectors on my nap mats, then fold them accordion style & stack (only a small portion of the mats touch each other & licensing hasn't said anything about this). I wash everything every weekend.

Granted, it's sometimes a pain-in-the-butt wrestling the pads/sheets on the mats, but it's only once a week I have to do it, so it's ok. I also keep the kids' blankets folded & tucked inside their mats. And the kids know which mat is theirs based on the sheets.

* my mats are the kind that are in 4 sections, hence the accordion stacking
kitykids3 07:03 PM 01-26-2014
Each child has their own nap mat and sheet. The sheets get put on at nap time and taken off after to store in their cubby til the next day. At the end of the week I have one load of sheets and bibs to wash.
TwinKristi 08:36 PM 01-26-2014
I'm having some custom fleece ones made by someone I know, if you're interested in ordering them as well let me know. They're $10ea plus shipping. The ones on Amazon were similar prices but were so thin, boring, blah! If you can sew you can easily make them yourself!
sharlan 09:18 PM 01-26-2014
The two that I bought were very thin and scratchy. I think I'll make some flannel ones this weekend.
missy 06:02 AM 01-27-2014
In PA, each child has to have their OWN mat labeled just for them. I find this ridiculous--for my center I had to spend over $1200 just on mats. They are vinyl for a reason!! They can be cleaned after each use!!
Blackcat31 06:29 AM 01-27-2014
I use the folded Kinder mats but I just have the kids lie down on them as it.

Each child gets a pillow but I don't use a sheet. If I used a sheet, I would have to launder them daily or have more than one per child so the child could have a fresh one each time.

Too much work to launder daily so I just let the kids lie on them as is and wipe them off after each use. The kids are fully clothed so I don't think it is uncomfortable for them.
NoMoreJuice! 07:16 AM 01-27-2014
In Kansas, the regulations require us to have a sheet over the plastic kinder mat, so that no part of the plastic can touch the child. They are sticklers about this!

I sewed pillowcase-style covers for the mats with velcro on the open end. That way, I can just slip the mat out, launder the cover, and slip it back on easily.

We are required to keep everything separated also by I use the XL Giant Ziplock bags and write the child's name on it and after every naptime, we put the nap mat and their personal little blankie in the bag and seal it.

The surveyors have all been super happy with that method, and I'm happy to do anything to avoid spreading runny nose germs during this horrible winter!!
Cat Herder 08:33 AM 01-27-2014
I use Kindermat Daydreamer $13.50 (folding) with the pillowcase style Kinder Sheets in Large $11.50 (my supplier is ). 5+ Years of continual use and they are still in great shape.

I also use the super soft throw blankets. I chose to wash linens daily because kids sweat and drool, not to mention runny noses. Personal decision .

Kids 3 and up are allowed travel pillows with pillowcases. (State Reg)-My State does not allow mats to be stored, with used linens on, if stacked or hung-

***If linens are left on for multi-day use, the mats can not be stored touching at all. Sorting shelves or individual cubbies are required.
thetoddlerwhisper 09:37 AM 01-27-2014
we use mats and all parents bring fitted crib sheet! they work great for us
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