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GramEm 04:06 AM 04-25-2008
My daughter and son in law work full time. On Mondays our grandson is cared for by my husband or me in our home. On Fridays he's at his home with his other grandma. Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursdays he goes to an accredited daycare.

On the days he's with the grandparents he has a normal routine of napping 1-1 1/2 hrs in the Am and about 1 Hr PM. On the 3 days that he attends daycare. He is in the newborn-15 month room, lots of activity, cribs and play are all in 1 area. For the past 2-3 weeks he has not napped while at daycare. The staff is concerned and almost blaming my daughter for his lack of naps. He is a busy, curious little boy who is aware of the activity around him, doesn't want to miss anything and doesn't sleep. When my daughter returns to pick him up at 5PM is is tired and irritable. He falls asleep as soon as he is placed in his car-seat and sleeps until dinner, or sometimes sleeps through the night. There is no quality Mom and Dad time with him 3 nights a week, he's exhausted and crabby.

I have suggested a quiet, dark room for sleeping- but this is not available at this daycare. What other suggestions do folks here have?

mac60 06:41 AM 05-27-2008
That is the big problem with this type of schedule, here a day there a day. For the childs sake, one consistant place would be so much better. (my opinion only). It will probably continue to be this way as long as the child is on 2 naps a day. Unfortunately, that is part of being in a daycare center. One big room with no quiet area. If the child was in a home dc, the situation would probably be much different, as there would be a quiet place to place the infant for nap times, away from distractions. That is how it is in my home. Good luck with this.
pingaa3 03:08 PM 05-28-2008
I would recommend having him watched in one place consistently. At least narrow it down to both sets of grandparents watching him at his house and then daycare. Children thrive on routine and having him three different places with three different routines is probably very confusing for him. Plus at home it is quiet etc and no other child disturbs his nap. Try either white noise at daycare, or soothing songs that can be carried over to all three places to try to have one naptime consistency for the poor tike. Also if possible he can have a consistent blanket or lovee(stuffed animal etc) that he only has at naptime for all three places.

Unregistered 10:56 AM 06-01-2008
We had this exact same problem with my daughter, now 16 months. My daughter stays with my parents on Mondays and home with me on Fridays. At first, she was in a daycare facility and never took consistent naps (some days only 25-30 minutes of sleep!) which just made our evenings together miserable because she was soooo tired. I eventually moved her into a licensed in-home daycare where all the kids took naps at similar times and she began sleeping much more regularly. I know this is not the best answer, but this is what worked best for us.
mac60 01:14 AM 06-03-2008
I agree, there are big benefits to home daycares. As a home daycare provider, my little ones are on a consistent schedule when it comes to napping, makes it better for everyone. I am able to put a young one in a pack in play and shut the door to nap, away from all the noise of the other children. It may be to your benefit to find a home provider.
Unregistered 07:18 PM 07-22-2008
I didn't see how old the child was? Three things a child can control that we as adults can't-sleeping, eating, and going potty. The staff obvouisly has no patience. Soft music, and infant massage is a great way to get children to sleep-my older children ages 1-5 yrs in preschool, all get lotion (like mommy wears!!!) to help them relax-the staff needs to RELAX-so your grandbaby can relax-put the toys away-cover them up-sing to the child, rubbing the limbs-softly-rock the child-soft voice-or non at all-just soft touches-hmmmmmmmmm-
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