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BigLittleHomeDaycare 02:25 PM 08-24-2014
What are your nap time strategies for the screamer/ crier during nap time?

One of my part time kids will be starting up full time on Monday. The dcb is 2 and a half but is the size of your average 5 year old and just as strong. He barely sits let alone naps. The only time he is quiet is if I put a TV program on. I used to put him in a pnp to settle him down and he would pass out in it and then I would put him in a toddler bed. Now he can climb out of the pnp. He will not lay down or even sit on a toddler bed for more than 2 seconds. He doesn't understand quiet time and screams and hyperventilates when I say its rest or nap time.

He was my first day care child - and he really is good during the day. Now that I'm full,so is my nap area. I also have a 3 year old who just mirrors his energy when they are together - and I fear when Monday rolls around, nap time will be hell.

The funny thing to me is that my dcg (24 months) can sleep on her bed through all of this.

I spoke to his mom, she said she locks him in his room during quiet time. Thats not something I can do.
TwinKristi 03:02 PM 08-24-2014
I haven't had someone who just went nuts instead of napping but I have had a couple that cry a lot. Dh has been home a lot more lately so he will help if he can. We just pat or rub their backs and shhhhhhh plus make it dark and play soft music. I have 2 who sleep in pack n plays who are just 11 & 22 mos in the back bedroom and the other kids who are 23 mos, 2.5 and almost 3 sleep on mats in the front living room. The babies go to sleep well now and can sleep in there for almost 3hrs on a good day! LOL I have someone interviewing for a 14wk old baby and I'm like do I risk messing up a good steady nap time for 5 kids for more money?
nothingwithoutjoy 04:15 PM 08-24-2014
Originally Posted by BigLittleHomeDaycare:
He screams and hyperventilates when I say its rest or nap time...

I spoke to his mom, she said she locks him in his room during quiet time.
I'd scream or hyperventilate, too, if I equated nap time with being locked in.

Can you work on helping him to see nap time as a lovely, peaceful, cuddly time? I don't know if you normally help children to sleep (pat backs, sing, etc.), but even if you don't usually, it would be worth the investment of time to help him relearn what nap feels like if it brings you a peaceful nap time. Can you sit by him and settle him in?

I would be sure to always talk about nap in positive terms. ("We played so hard this morning! It's going to feel so good to snuggle down and take a good nap...") Make it as loving and happy as possible, and get as far away from nap-as-punishment (which is what's happening at home) as you can.
Thriftylady 05:07 PM 08-24-2014
How about a really cool quiet time box? It might help him see quiet time as something to look forward to instead of hate. I agree that being locked in a room by mom may be part of the issue.
BigLittleHomeDaycare 03:45 PM 08-25-2014
I have someone interviewing for a 14wk old baby and I'm like do I risk messing up a good steady nap time for 5 kids for more money?[/quote]

That's how I felt about taking this boy full time. Its just another challenge we have.
BigLittleHomeDaycare 03:49 PM 08-25-2014
Today wasn't so bad. I used a very stern voice and explained that he had to lay down during nap time. I just kept putting him back in bed when he got up. I wouldn't give in to the crying and he just relaxed. For an hour then he had to come out.

Maybe he needs more structure than he gets? He seemed to respond to it. I also gave him something to cuddle with - but tomorrow I will incorporate calming words and make it a happier experience.

My biggest fear was that he would run around the entire time, which didn't happen. yay! But tomorrow is always a new day right?
Thriftylady 03:53 PM 08-25-2014
You are making progress! I still think the boxes may be a good thing for him. You can use it like a reward, if you lay down and be quiet I have this special thing for you. I have used ideas from here and pintrest to start mine. You can do coloring books and crayons, beads to sequence on string or pipe cleaners (with patterns you make with markers), beads or buttons or similar to sort by color, shape, size, lacing cards. Make each day different and rotate things around. But make it special, make a big deal of it.... If you are a big boy and lay down you get this special box....
Unregistered 04:16 PM 01-07-2016
I totally feel you, I'm here looking for suggestions for a similar situation. I have a 2 year old who cries and screams so loud during nap time. I've tried separating him, that was worse (he co sleeps at home). As soon as I leave the room or tell him to lay down again he just loses it..and I'm very calm when I do this.

Sounds to me like yours does respond to structure and that he needs more of it. Keep it up I guess, we have to be consistent.
rosieteddy 10:37 AM 01-08-2016
I can not say enough for the magic blanket (large quilt folded then lain on child) it is so calming.That plus music and I usually sit in rocker reading or crocheting.I do have a small chair/seat with a back that I can sit next to child i just put my hand on them and pat.No more than 15 min and usually only first week or at transition to mat.Music is a little loud and dark room.Only if child was 5 yrs did I let have toys on mat.
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