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Curriculum>Looking for Memorial Day Craft Ideas
jen2651 06:40 PM 05-24-2011
Anyone have any cute Memorial Day craft ideas? We have been so busy outside I have forgotten about a MAJOR holiday (with a day off!!)

Thanks much~
blueclouds29 06:30 AM 05-25-2011
This blog has a great hand flag toward the bottom of the page....

and i also found this one, although its not really for memorial but still a good one.

mickey2 06:39 AM 05-25-2011

I found it when searching for summer activities for my kiddies!
Sunshine44 09:43 AM 05-26-2011
Here is a great link I found today. Love the flag craft. I may try it!
Abigail 08:48 PM 05-27-2011

This could also be for the fourth of July, but if I wanted to precut tissue paper for storage and future projects like the one linked here, how large of squares should I cut them? 3 inches, 5 inches?
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