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Breezy 04:30 PM 10-28-2011
Whatever the dcp put in this 6 month olds hair or on her skin makes me sneeze, my eyes water, throat scratchy and just plain cant breathe. I am fine when she isnt here but as soon as she gets here and im around her its like this! Naptime i seem to recover but as soon as she gets up it starts again. Anyone have something similar happen?
daycare 04:47 PM 10-28-2011
lol I thought you were being silly at first....

Wow I wonder what they are putting on the baby. I would talk to the mom about it and let her know. I am sure she would me open to changing what it is she is putting on the baby.
sharlan 06:21 PM 10-28-2011
Ask the parents what type of soaps they use. Let them know ASAP that something is really bothering you.
dave4him 06:27 PM 10-28-2011
Talk to them about it!
Kaddidle Care 07:51 PM 10-28-2011
Originally Posted by sharlan:
Ask the parents what type of soaps they use. Let them know ASAP that something is really bothering you.
Yes, this! Who knows - Mama may be sharing a bit of her own perfume with her daughter so she can smell her all day!

It could also be a fabric softener.

Talk to them - don't suffer. I'm sure they will be understanding.
Breezy 08:24 PM 10-28-2011
Thank you everyone! I am just miserable. Only 6 more minutes 'til pick up though!! Ooofta what a long 10 hour day!
Oneluckymom 12:38 AM 10-29-2011
I was thinking more of a pet allergy? Do they have a cat or dog. She could be bringing in the pet dander on her clothes. Possibility ?
Meyou 03:57 AM 10-29-2011
It might be the bodywash they're using. Some of those Johnson one's including the lavender make me miserable.

Just tell Mom and Dad and I'm sure they'll be happy to change whatever it is.
Kaddidle Care 07:21 AM 10-29-2011
So.. what did they say? What is it that they are using on her?
Kaddidle Care 07:41 PM 11-01-2011
Update please?
Happily_wed 01:30 PM 01-25-2014
Last Christmas my daycare girls showed up with these Scentsy stuffed animals they had gotten as gifts. They have pouches in them with a Scentsy thing to make them smell nice. One was lavender and one was baby powder scent. The lavender one didn't bother me but the baby powder one drove me nuts (and the smell of actual baby powder does NOT bother me)! I have allergies and my sinuses would drain, my nose would run, I would sneeze etc. I tried putting it in the diaper bag and I could still smell it. I told dcm that evening that I was allergic to it and to not bring it back. A couple of days later, it comes back again. I didn't notice until too late that it was in the bag.
It was too big to put into a ziploc and seal up so I suffered through another day. Luckily dcd picked up that evening and he suffers from allergies too. I told him what was happening and it never came back!
Happily_wed 01:33 PM 01-25-2014
Oops! I am SO sorry! I have been reading through the archives and I responded to this and then realized too late that it was OLD! I had been doing so well sitting on my hands to keep from doing that too LOL! Hey, at least I made it to page 158 of the archives before I let it happen!

I apologize again for bumping it up!
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