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DancingQueen 10:52 AM 10-26-2010
any advice on introducing to daycare kids?
no one is allergic.
I just want it to be smooth for kitty and then.

I'm wondering if I haven't thought everything through and hoping you guys can tell me what I might have forgotten to think about.
MG&Lsmom 12:39 PM 10-26-2010
We've had 2 kittens here. DC kids or not, the first week or so, the kitten should be in one room. Letting it out for a few minutes at a time, working up to an hour, then up and up until it's comfortable all day. I would not start introducing the kitten to the kids until the kitten is much more comfortable in your home. Maybe after a week? Ours have normally been content to sit in a child's quiet lap for a few minutes but eventually bolt out of there and hide. First weekend we had our old boy I thought I lost him but he was squeezed between some boxes in our storage room for hours.
Blackcat31 03:29 PM 10-26-2010
I want a kitten! They are soo cute! I have 2 cats now (one is 3 yrs old and one is 18 yrs old). I miss the kitten stage. I do not miss the little razor-like claws however, so until the kitten is old enough to be declawed, I'd watch out for all those little scratches.....
MarinaVanessa 08:28 AM 10-27-2010
I came in a little late but I would start the kitten introductions by first telling them that you have a new kitten and talking about what the kitten is allowed to eat (and not eat, like table scraps etc), how a kitten should be handled (gentle touches, stroke the fur down, no pulling, chasing etc) and then you can bring the kitten out and have them all sit to watch as each child gets to pet the kitty one at a time.

We got 2 chinchillas 2 days ago and I intoroduced them to the kiddos by doing the same thing. They were all very good even the 15mo. I first talked about the chinchillas with them and then I put one in a small travel wire cage so that they could see him first and ask questions. I reminded them that we never put our fingers in the cage, pull the fur, tail etc. And then I took him out and let each one pet him for a few minutes and give him a treat by hand. Kids loved the experience, I'm sure it will be the same with the kitty.
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