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Kim's Kids 07:22 PM 08-08-2011

Hello my name is Kim and I am new to this forum I am currently in the process of opening up my own Family Daycare Home. I am leaving the nursing profession to do this and I'm very excited and nervous. As of now my application is in and I have a couple more forms to fill out and get back to them and then it's inspection time! Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated as well as new friends in the same business

Michael 10:44 PM 08-08-2011
Welcome to the forum. Sorry it took so long to upgrade your stats. I was on a flight to Florida all day.
AfterSchoolMom 06:45 AM 08-09-2011
Cat Herder 06:58 AM 08-09-2011
Welcome!! I added a few tags below of helpful information.

Just click on them to see lots of posts about opening a daycare, contracts and other experiences.
Kim's Kids 12:10 PM 08-09-2011
Thank you for the welcomes and for sharing all this great information.
rbmom 05:39 AM 08-10-2011
Hello and welcome!
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