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dave4him 02:22 PM 10-19-2011
The closer i get to actually having a permit and starting, the more nervous i am getting as to if i can and should really be starting this! Maybe its good i am seriously thinking through it, maybe im just scared ill mess something up. Its normal right? Guess i just need some encouragment today.
misspollywog 02:30 PM 10-19-2011
Totally normal. It is like any other job, you get nervous when you first start out. You'll do fine and soon you'll know if this is the right career path for you and your family.
Zoe 02:50 PM 10-19-2011
The beauty with starting a daycare is that typically you start small. Get the feel for things, and then decide about how many kids is a good number for your group. I'm at 7 right now and I think I'm done adding to my group. I don't want the 12 that I'm allowed! Just take it step by step and that anxiety will go away.
mismatchedsocks 02:51 PM 10-19-2011
I say by breakfast day one it will be gone,. You will get swept up in the day and before you know it, it will be nap time! Good luck!

When is your starting date?
dave4him 03:27 PM 10-19-2011
I should have the permit in the next week or two... and the only kid i have to add right now is my one year old niece. Shes with another daycare on DHS support which is why im going to the trouble of getting the STAR qualifications in the first place. So i will be starting out small, since i have three of my own aleady!
Ariana 07:27 AM 10-20-2011
Originally Posted by lilrugrats:
I say by breakfast day one it will be gone,. You will get swept up in the day and before you know it, it will be nap time! Good luck!
Totally this!!
awestbrook713 07:33 AM 10-20-2011
pre daycare jitters are completely normal. I would be lying if I said I am still not nervous and have been registered since August. You will do great!
2ndFamilyDC 08:16 AM 10-20-2011
I have been daycare for 22 years and still get nervous before starting any

new family. I get nervous because I do not know for sure how things will

be with the new family. So your feelings right now are compeltely

thatdivalady 06:41 PM 10-20-2011
@ Dave -- I totally understand. Began the whole process in February and finally found our location for our center. Each time we get closer, I get those butterflies! My guess is that you will be absolutely fine just like some of the other good people said here. Good luck!
dave4him 07:43 PM 10-20-2011
As the song goes in Tangled... I have a dream.... LOL just hope i am dreaming large enough for my own capacity. We shall see once i get a kid enrolled
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