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greenhouse 08:06 AM 10-04-2011
I have an infant spot opening Feb. 1st and have a currently pregnant mom looking to take the spot in late April. What do I do? I really need the income and was looking forward to filling the space sooner than any of you take a non-refundable deposit to hold a space? I was thinking of asking $50/per week to hold it, is that normal? Or should I just tell her first come first serve and call back in april? I'm sure I would have given spot away since infant spots are impossible to find around here. Thanks ladies
bice99 09:02 AM 10-04-2011
I charge half rate, from now until she comes. Due on the first of the month, like all of my other families. One month's notice if canceling. I have a separate contract for spot holding.
SandeeAR 09:13 AM 10-04-2011
I charge half rate, with a contract that states, NON REFUNDABLE. Been holding a spot for 4 months. Baby starts in 2 weeks.
bice99 09:17 AM 10-04-2011
Originally Posted by SandeeAR:
I charge half rate, with a contract that states, NON REFUNDABLE. Been holding a spot for 4 months. Baby starts in 2 weeks.
Oops, forgot that part. Yes, non refundable if they don't come for any reason, including the days/hours they need change and don't work with my openings.
mismatchedsocks 09:41 AM 10-04-2011
Lots can change in Feb. But if she wants the spot now for april then she needs to pay something to get you to hold it. Not sure what, maybe talk to mom and see what she thinks is fair for both of you. No need for her to pay now, since you dont have opening until Feb, but if tell her you will charge her for 2 months before she comes she may not sign, but then you may get another opening by then. KWIM?
momma2girls 12:48 PM 10-05-2011
You have to make it so it's not so easy to get out of. I made a huge mistake on holding a spot a long time for a family on a 2 week deposit or holding fee. I now have it in my contract, that it is a holding fee, of one week paid every month to hold the spot. The entire amt. is due at signing, and it is nonrefundable!!
JJPlaycare 01:03 PM 10-05-2011
So what if they already have a child enrolled with you? Do you still charge a holding fee ontop of what they already pay you for their other child?
nannyde 01:27 PM 10-05-2011
I don't hold spots. I wouldn't even interview them this far out. I would have them give me a buzz right before the baby is due and maybe do one interview. Then another when the kid is a couple of weeks old.

SO much can change before April and it most likely will. I've heard a lot of providers say they can interview this far out and a year from now they have the kid in the house. My experience is that it rarely works out so it's not worth my time. If they were willing to pay a couple hundred a month holding nonrefundable fee I would do it. Not for free or based on words. Free means you are just an option to them when the time comes to truly decide. Small deposit means an argument over whether or not they get it back when they change their mind.
sharlan 01:32 PM 10-05-2011
I don't hold spaces, first come, first served.

I've only held a spot once. I knew that baby #2 was on the way. I didn't want to start another family to just let them go.
caligirl 07:04 PM 10-05-2011
I will not hold a spot more than a month before they need care. And when holding the spot, I require a non-refundable deposit for the first two weeks of care.
Kim 06:19 AM 10-06-2011
I held a spot for free for a client that had been with me for 3 years. I had her 2 other siblings in care already and this family was the last I ever thought would blindside me but I was wrong. I held it for a total of 10 months. That's 10 months of lost income and dozens of prospective families turned away. I was blindsided and have just made it into a lesson learned- a hard lesson that has taken a toll on my family's income. I immediately changed my handbook to include a signed contract and a weekly fee to hold a spot. I doubt I'll be interested in holding any spots anytime soon though. I'm a bit jaded now. I also think twice about siblings in care. It is too much of a risk to lose half your income all at once. In the end, everyone does what's best for them and if I'm not looking out for MY family than no one is.
wdmmom 07:07 AM 10-06-2011
I will hold a spot for no more than 3 months.

If their start date is within 1 month, there is a 2 week deposit required. This will pay for the last 2 weeks of care.

If their start date is within 2 months, I require a 3 week deposit. This money will be applied to their first week of daycare and their last 2 weeks.

If the start date is within 3 months, I require a full months payment. Payment is applied to the first 2 weeks and last 2 weeks of care.

Regardless if they cancel, or start and cancel thereafter, any money paid is not refundable.
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