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TwinMama 08:36 AM 04-14-2021
How many contracted vacation days do you get?

Do you give your families free days?
Cat Herder 10:32 AM 04-14-2021
I take two separate, full weeks, six months apart for less disruption to kids routines. I do not charge for those weeks as they are worked into my yearly tuition, in advance. (figured by 50 weeks instead of 52)

By "not charging" those two weeks, I don't have to deal with any push back or policing vacation payment.

I also take all Federal holidays, paid. So, about 23 days per year. If I have to close for anything else (rare, 1x/5 years), I discount the day.

I also have the same schedule every year, so they know at least a year in advance.
Cat Herder 10:49 AM 04-14-2021
Oh, I gave families two weeks (5 day or 10 day blocks, no splitting) unpaid leave per year for the first twenty-ish years of my career. The early years, everyone took me up on it, they just had to give me 30 days notice so I could plan my monthly bills or let me refund it the following month if the opportunity was sudden. (money was tight with 3 kids, then, no savings) Easy enough, right? I wanted to encourage family vacations. It was a great thing.

Then, around 2009 -2010 nobody used it, anymore, they just planned their vacations around mine. Ok, smart and economical.

Around 2012 - 2013 people started demanding to use it piecemeal for days their kid was excluded for illness, days they missed the drop-off deadline or days they had doctors appointments like it was a credit account.

2013 it was deleted from the contract and it has been peaceful since.
Snowmom 02:45 PM 04-14-2021
The only "paid vacation" in my contract is the Christmas Break. I am closed 12/24-1/1, paid.
Beyond that, I factor in an additional 10 days paid into my rates but to my clients... it's "unpaid"

Also, about an additional 12 paid federal holidays.

I do not give any free days. No discounts either.
I did in the beginning, but like Cat herder, found that they wanted to use it either last minute or during my paid break/holidays. Plus, this job just doesn't pay enough to give away anything free.
Blackcat31 04:47 PM 04-14-2021
I close for 2 week long (M-F) vacations per year
One over July 4 the other over Christmas plus New Year’s Day

I also close Friday/Monday for Memorial Day, Labor Day and Easter and Th/Friday for Thanksgiving

I also close for Halloween

Parents pay their same weekly tuition 52 weeks a year

If I close for an unscheduled day, I credit the day back.
Rarely do I close unscheduled as I have a regular sub if necessary.
Jo123ABC 10:08 PM 04-14-2021
I close for state holidays (10 days). I have 10 sick days and 6 vacation days. I am seriously considering just factoring in the vacation and sick days because it would easily eliminate that irritation for everyone! I offer 6 sick/vacation days for families to use as they see fit. I encourage a 2 week notice of vacation but if they don't I don't fight it.
Gemma 04:12 AM 04-15-2021
Vacation days? What are those?
Annalee 04:57 AM 04-15-2021
I take 2 weeks vacation, extra days around memorial day/July 4, federal holidays, professional days for conferences I attend, personal days, emergency days with pay being 52 weeks per year. I used to be precise with the vacation days, but have began this year with 'to be determined' dates. I give monthly newsletters to update as needed. I also say 'this is a list for xxx year, but not limited to'. I close Christmas - New Years and take a wed - Tuesday vacation in the Fall. Also close two days on Spring and Fall Break with the School, usually Thursday and Friday.
Unregistered 06:55 AM 04-16-2021
I don't charge for days I'm closed. I close from Christmas Eve through New Years, Thanksgiving and the Friday after, July 4, and Memorial Day.

I throw in some days here and there. I'm closed a lot this summer. Since I don't charge, I don't feel as bad taking time off. If I had to start over, I would give myself paid holidays at least.

And, no. I don't give my families free days. Especially since I don't charge for any of my closures.
girlmomma 09:22 AM 04-17-2021
I close for all state holidays, Good Friday and the day after Thanksgiving - all paid! I have three weeks of contracted vacation time with a 30 day notice for myself that I may or may not take during the year. I give my parents three weeks as well, to be taken one week at a time, with a two week notice. My vacation time & parents vacation time I take unpaid.

Currently, I am taking 7/12-7/16 off and I gave my parents a 90 day notice. All of my parents were very understanding and I am so thankful they understand that I need a break, too!
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