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Core12 08:13 AM 04-23-2021
I have a parent who question me about a bruise the size of a blueberry on her nine month old. Iím afraid of this lady because I have found out she lies ( said she just bought her third house but really is renting, etc).
I am just wondering if this is anything you guys have experienced?
PB&J 09:02 AM 04-23-2021
Parents frequently ask about marks on their child, especially parents of babies. I also ask them (or, point out to them) about anything I see at drop off, as Iím documenting their morning health check. This is to show that a mark or bruise existed before care.

I think itís natural for parents to wonder about what happens to their child, and not everyone is graceful enough to ask in a nice or non-accusatory way. Usually in my response I try to calm the waters and the parent often realizes how they came across.

If she is making you nervous, though, with a history of inquisitions or lies, it may be time to part ways. She is entrusting you with her child and you are entrusting her with your reputation and livelihood to some degree. Itís important to have trust both ways.
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