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mamadaycare 09:33 AM 05-05-2021
How does everyone handle summers? I have a family of two that I allowed to go part time this summer. She wanted them to leave completely but I am not readjusting them in the fall after them having no schedule with dad all summer. So then this morning she lets me know that they want to use their 5 free days when they are on vacation this summer. Forgetting that they will be part time, I agreed. I am fully regretting all of these decisions and next summer they will be paying their normal rate. I can't let me business continue to take hits to make other peoples lives easier. I don't mind them being gone like one day a week but I feel I am being taken advantage of at this point.
284878 09:39 AM 05-05-2021
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Unregistered 10:36 AM 05-05-2021
I had a mom tell me she wanted to drop a couple days in the summer. I was prepared to let her know that it's okay if she wants to do that, but she would probably lose her spot completely as I would be advertising for a full timer. I'm not losing money so she can save.

She ended up keeping all the days without me saying anything, but that's absolutely what I would've done.

I don't think it's too late for you to let her know that after some thought, you run a business and you can't take a loss like that. Or you could tell her that someone contacted you about care and you'll be giving then spot to them if she doesn't want to pay for full time. Then she can decide if she wants to pay or not.
Tags:enforcing policies - consistency, summer
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