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Core12 05:32 AM 09-04-2021
I have a 21 month old who has developmental issues from a birthing incident. I watch him part time and knew from the beginning he had issues due to lack of oxygen. He just started walking a few steps and his pediatrician told his parents that he needs speech therapy, ot and pt. His parents are young and separated and still have not set this up even though I offered to allow therapy in my home.
Now, he is Extremely strong and Huge! He throws heavy toys across rooms, rocks the pack n play so hard I think it will break, and rocks back and forth in his high chair so hard! It is not easy lifting him into the high chair or lifting him into the pack n play.
I want him to go to another daycare as mine is primarily infants and Iím afraid for their safety!
Also! His mom works for a daycare so Iím confused as to why she doesnít bring him there!
Am I being setup to be sued?!
Michael 10:55 AM 09-04-2021
As a private business you can tell the parents that you are an infants only business and that the child aged out. The safety of your other younger children come first.

We had a previous thread that touched on this issue.

Also, we moved the forum to

Come join us there.
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