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Old 08-01-2011, 05:00 PM
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Originally Posted by MG&Lsmom View Post
You find fault with home daycare licensing because they allow a provider to use the bathroom during daycare hours? Or to walk into an adjacent room to discard a diaper? Or help another child in the bathroom? It's your prerogative to choose what's best for your child, however, to bash ALL home based providers because they need bathroom breaks in the 10-12 hours children are present, or nap some children in another room is ridiculous. In the center I worked in 18 years ago, we were allowed to send fully potty trained children to the restroom by themselves. It was attached to the room, but they were out of sight. And outside there were areas we could not see directly, like inside the playhouses. Would you expect at a center that someone sit inside the playhouse to be always in the sight of your child? How about leading a line of toddlers out the door? My back would be turned at times. Another no-no. And this should all be spelled out in the contract? How many pages would you be willing to read, initial, and comply with? Expectations of some parents are just too high sometimes.
I've been thinking about this thread today and the notion that when kids are in child care that they need direct visual supervision at all times. This is now a common expectation.

But... when you read "new mommy" advice you hear the same thing year after year...... SLEEP when the baby sleeps. Get rest. Rest up when the baby rests or you won't be able to manage the baby. You'll get too tired with your one baby.

Why is it that when that baby is in parental care that society understands that the mommy needs a break but when a couple of dollars an hour pass hands all of a sudden that SAME child needs to have an adult visually seeing them at all times?

If babies, toddlers, and preschoolers need an adult to be in the same room with them and visually see them every single second then they need that EVERYWHERE they go and at ALL times.

I do believe that children need a higher level of supervision in group care than in parental care. The numbers of children alone dictate that there is a higher probability that something preventable could happen........ BUT

if children are safely confined and the adult is awake and can HEAR them and do visual checks frequently.... then imho that is acceptable supervision in group care.

The only age group I believe really DOES need visual supervision at all times is school aged children.

I also think we get compared to centers a lot in these convo's but the bottom line truth is is that centers have a VERY VERY high turnover in staff for a reason. One of the reasons is that they don't get proper breaks away from the kids and the stimulation of having a large group of age mates in a single room for multiple hours a day is EXHAUSTING and overloading to most workers. The ones who are with them every second and watch them visually every second are the ones who quit and go do something else after a few months.

We aren't robots. We are humans. We need breaks. We need to pace ourselves. We are dealing with human babies and there is ALWAYS a risk that some children will get harmed or die when they are with us. We can do everything in our power to decrease that to as low of a level as possible but when that expectation becomes something that even their parents with one, two kids can't ever replicate then it begs the question if it is reasonable and doable.

Money doesn't dictate a child's needs. The number of children under one adults care DOES dictate some of the childs real needs. There has to be some common sense and some fairness in the expectations.
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parents - ask too much, read your contract, unreasonable parental expectations

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