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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>I Need Advice/Ideas To Help Renew My Love For The Job!
MsMe 10:10 PM 08-16-2011
I posted yesterday or so about feeling like my time in daycare was over.

After A LOT of talking with my partner....I/we have decided to renew our efforts (what better timing then schoolstarting i.e. getting back into a routine)

I just saved a few new forms, I am going to
*edit my contract
*review/change my menues
*clean cluttered files and desk
*think about raising fees( need to check on avg local prices)
*clean out/ organize arts and crafts
---I have been open long enough that I think I can start recycling old craft idea and they will ne 'new to these I can get back to crafts without racking my brain!
*get back into a routine...GOOD BYE summer!!!!!!!!!!

I am not possitve it will change my mind, but right now I am really excited about a fresh start and I really really don't want to give into too soon.

All of this is going to be more difficult with only one hand...and I know I will get frustrated easily so I will go slow and try to keep a cool head

Wish me luck ladies!! Has a cleaning/org spree ever given any of you a renewed love for childcare?
melskids 03:16 AM 08-17-2011
i go through this every

as much as i LOVE summer, no hectic school schedules, and the carefree days, by the middle of august i'm ready for it to be over. i have more kids in the summer, many older who do not nap. tons of activities. field trips. more food to cook. more messes to clean. more things to do. busier weekends. the list goes on and

i always take the last week of summer off to re-group. i deep clean my ENTIRE house, and reorganize everything. then i just chill for a few days. it always seems to get me hyped back up for daycare. school starting, and the fall. (which is my favorite season!)
Cat Herder 06:33 AM 08-17-2011
I added some tags for you...

These are what I learned from my previous bouts with burnout.

1. Enforce your policies consistently

2. If you are not going to enforce it, don't put it in your contract.

3. Don't make exceptions (see above), "Daycare is not a charity".

4. Take vacations.

5. Set a fair and reasonable Rate; don't undercut yourself then resent them for "taking advantage"

6. Don't keep score. If they are within your contact rules don't expect them to follow your morals/ethics.

7. Simplify. Don't depend on parents to be able to complete your day. If you will need an item, have it readily available.

8. Limit your services to that you like. Let another provider take the clients with needs you think are silly/stupid/immature/lame.

9. If you don't like a kid/parent get rid of them. You are doing nobody any good if you resent them pulling up each day.

10. Don't set hours you don't want to keep. Resenting someone for following the rules is asinine.
SilverSabre25 06:41 AM 08-17-2011
I keep renewing my love for the job by applying for other jobs, lol. There's one I want to apply for right now that as usual I know I am not likely to even get an interview...but I gotta try, because it's better money than I make now and I think I'd love it.

Other than that, I need the advice and can't offer it. :P
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