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adunn0804 01:40 PM 08-23-2011
Hello everyone, I live in northern California and I'm in the process of starting an in home daycare and I was wondering if there was a program that organized taxes, expenses, billing...ect..I'm kinda lost when it comes to this part of getting ready for enrolling kids, I'm still a few months away from opening but i want to be as prepared and organized as possible! Any suggestions are GREATLY appreciated!!!!
Michael 03:01 PM 08-23-2011
Many here use Minute Menu Kids.

Some other organizing threads:
adunn0804 03:11 PM 08-23-2011
thank you i will check it out!!!!
Google Apps for Day Care 07:27 AM 08-24-2011
In addition to Minute Menu which comes highly recommended from many here in the forum. Take a look at Google Apps.

Where as MM provides software for tracking much of your day care operations, you might find value in having tools that can make using MM (or other tools more effective). With Google Apps, you can get an email account using your own domain ( with great built in spam filtering. In addition to email the following is also included with Google Apps:

Talk - Instant messaging with video chat.
Calendar - makes sharing calendars and schedules easy.
Docs - Create, share, collaborate with online documents (like Word, Excel).
Sites - Create sites without IT skills. Make sites public or private for storing.

These are great easy to use tools that can make running your new day care much easier. Once you have set up your business tools (like email) you can connect to MM or any other software you choose.

This is a very brief overview, but really worth checking out. Note that Google Apps is different than a personal gmail account ( Google Apps works for those that have a domain.

Here's the best part for organizations with less than 10 people, you can sign up for the standard edition of Google Apps for free!

Hope this helps. Any questions, let me know.
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