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Core12 06:09 AM 01-12-2019
Looking for suggestions on how to organize my paperwork.
I have folders for each paper in my handbook located in a file cabinet but somehow canít ever seem to find the specific folder when needed.

I have folders for each kid with licensing required paperwork located within them

I have 1 trillion files on my computer...not even sure where to start cleaning those...just afraid to delete them

1 billion charts for payments bc I didnít make it clear when payments were most families wait until the Sat After the week of care to pay me

1 ton of various paper with important numbers: ie tax Iíd number, usernames etc

I hope to God I change for the better this year!
Cat Herder 07:39 AM 01-12-2019
Kidkare can clean it all up and get rid of most of the paper for $8 a month. Everything is recorded there and printed out for taxes at the end of the year. It is not perfect, but it made my huge desk and old filing cabinets unnecessary. Auto-invoicing and auto-payments have been a huge relief although there have been glitches since they moved over to Stripe.

I keep 5 binders, total now. 2 inch, D-Ring.

1. Children's enrollment file - Each child has a section. Shot record, enrollment forms, updated photos, permission forms, etc. I make it easy for licensing by keeping two copies (one they can take for their paperwork file, time saver) of a summary sheet up front with the class list, DOBs, photos, immunization expiration dates, attendance schedule and date of enrollment. I am supposed to have rates in there but so far have not been asked.

2. Training - The front section is annual mandatory training hours, CPR, First Aid, Fire Safety, Infant feeding, Safe Sleep, Child Abuse, Shaken Baby/Sids/Positional Asphyxia, etc. with two years worth of summary printouts front and center (one for them to take for their records, cuts time of visit so I can get back to the kids). The second section is all electives that meet my interests, and there are many.

3. Attendance - Two years worth of hard copy, daily, sign in sheets must be ready and available for viewing at all times. Each new year I put year 3 in a manilla envelope and store in bank boxes in the attic. I have kept them all going back to the '90s.

4. Inspection history - Copies of all past inspections, 2 copies of current license front and center (one for them to take for their file), current copy of rules and regs so I can ask them to point out the regulation and call their supervisor immediately for clarification if they try to cite something out of thin air, as often happens since their training is often lackluster at best. I seem to have a new inspector yearly, they all wash out quickly. It is a thankless job, for too little money, in a tough area to travel, with overly long commutes. Nobody wants to work my region.

5. Curriculum - We are required to have daily/weely written lesson plans for each age group, menus, observations, assessments, documentation of conferences and evidence of progress. I resent this one and do a poor job maintaining it. I am trying to do better, but my will fails me quickly. Nobody has ever asked to see it. Yet, I fear not at least pencil whipping it will set them on looking for minor violations they can escalate to "core" if they ever do ask. *I purchase a complete curriculum created by actual teachers that already comes with bound book lesson plans, complete with photos and instructions aligned to my states early learning standards. Having to write them out by hand, too, is asinine.

Everything else (and a lot of the above) is in Kidkare.
Gemma 10:24 AM 01-12-2019
I too use 3 ring binders
coloradoprovider 03:50 PM 01-12-2019
Binders! Binders! Binders! (and plastic dividers with pockets and clear paper protectors) 1: "Child Records" - contracts, medical, emergency, enrollment, etc. Divided into sections for each child. 2: "Licensing": mandatory classes, my medical form, anything I need for my licensing visit that isn't related to individual children, 3: "Blank Forms" sections - easy to give parents the forms I need when something needs to be updated (medical, contracts, etc.). 4: "Food Program," 5: "Developmental Screening and Conference Logs" 6: "Learning Plans"

When licensing shows up, I pull out "Child Records," "Blank Forms," and "Licensing" give the licensing specialist a place on the kitchen table to work while I go about my day.

I also have a printed spreadsheet for Binders 1 and 2 that I check monthly that have the dates when forms and/or classes are due.
Thankfully, here in Colorado we don't HAVE to have a curriculum unless we want the FCCERS points. Less paperwork! I have educational activities, but I don't like the extra paperwork involved. I am happy to have a level 4 (out of 5) without the detailed curriculum paperwork. I keep the learning plans broad and not terribly specific. For me, the time and effort is not worth it.

Tip: get pretty binders that you're happy to pull out and work on!
Core12 04:10 AM 01-13-2019
Iím going to start organizing immediately!
coloradoprovider 09:53 AM 01-13-2019
Don't go too fast and burn out! Enjoy the process and especially enjoy the results! Happy organizing!
Meeko 12:59 PM 01-13-2019
Licensing love my files and have asked me to teach a class, but I don't want to go down that road!

I have used different ways over the years, but now I have a large binder. Lots of sections...Background checks, training records, fire inspections, kitchen inspections, first aid and CPR training, and child records.

In the case of an emergency, I can just grab the binder and ALL information is there. Parent emergency numbers etc.

Organization really makes things go faster. I hear people at training meetings complain about how long it takes to do paperwork when they have an inspection and what a mess it is with paper all over the table.

Licensing can just turn the pages of my binder (everything is in protective clear sleeves) and a full re-licensing inspection takes no longer than 30 mins. I hear about 3 hour inspections and just shake my head!! Couldn't do it! I have to be organized or I would go insane.
Ariana 08:46 AM 01-14-2019
I have stand up file holders from ikea...those cardboard ones. Each kid gets their own and then I have two misc. ones for other paperwork. When a child leaves the files go into my big filing cabinet with other stuff from my taxes etc that I may or may not need at some point down the road. I go through the misc. files yearly and shred what I do not need.
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