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SFMamaTeacherC 09:35 AM 01-30-2011
Hi All,
I just spent Saturday night organizing my art shelf and came up with a new method that will save me tons of time. Instead of having a box for paint, fabric, stickers, etc. I organized by holiday and curriculum theme, it seems obvious to me now and maybe some of you already do that. But I just wanted to share since I can now just grab a box or plastic bag for Valentines and have everything right there. It will also enable me to have my assistant do more of the prep work, now that she can find everything easily.
Stacy214 10:56 AM 01-30-2011
I am so torn between doing this...I have both! lol right now I just have a Valentines, Christmas, Easter and Halloween box but then I always end up going back to those to get some paint or something else for a different theme, ugh.
Abigail 03:50 PM 01-30-2011
I will have a cupboard of just basic art supplies for year round and just plan activities according to what I have. I can understand having small storage totes for seasonal room decor, but all my craft items need to be within reason and not become too much.
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