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grandmom 02:43 PM 11-08-2011
I know you can point me in the right direction. I have an 11-mo dg who's parents have commented about how much she eats, they think they aren't feeding her enough because she just keeps eating. But she is huge. And yes she eats a lot of food at every setting. She is on very limited food choices though, so there isn't a lot a variety yet.

I mentioned that over-feeding now can be the beginning of obesity for the child. But I want to give the mom some resources. I'll copy off what my guideline is from USDA, but she would starve if I limited it to this amount.

Medical journal articles? What do you have? Thanks friend.
Michael 11:03 PM 11-08-2011
Some earlier threads on obese children:
nannyde 04:27 AM 11-09-2011
Can you give me height and weight please?
MarinaVanessa 07:53 AM 11-09-2011
Quick question, is her family heavy set? Meaning are her parents overweight and if she has siblings are they overweight?

Sometimes if the child is overweight when they are young and their parents are not they just thin out as they grow, especially in adolescence. If the parents are also heavy and overweight that it's a good indication that this child is at risk to be overweight or obese as an adult.
grandmom 01:48 PM 11-09-2011
She isn't here today. Will get measurements.

Parents are both on the short side, dad in good shape, mom a little heavy.
nannyde 02:13 PM 11-09-2011
Originally Posted by grandmom:
She isn't here today. Will get measurements.

Parents are both on the short side, dad in good shape, mom a little heavy.
I'm not postive about this but I don't think the parents height/weight is the biggest indicator of whether or not the kid will turn out obese. It's calories in and calories out more than that.

Of course we come to the table with different genetic strengths and weaknesses but what I'm reading is that we are feeding them too much too soon and the wrong foods.

I did read a study about correlating obesity during pregnancy and the obese infants.
joy 06:56 PM 11-09-2011

It is not appropriate to make assumptions based on the parents, their height and weight, measuring the child,etc. We are NOT physicians. We can research and offer parents information. We can limit portions of meals, eliminate juice, or use sparingly, offer fresh fruits and veggies, and water, lots of water. Lowfat milk after 2 yrs old and less salty meats, less starch, not only because these items are high in calories but we must offer FRESH fruits and veggies, not canned, starting young.

Activities, and lots of it will benefit the children. Take them out, running, climbing, moving and exercise is so important.

TV is, in my opinion, not something that belongs in child care centers. It has no advantage to the children, and diminishes staff/child interaction, serves as a distraction to learning, trivalizes the potential of the children and wastes valuable time.
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