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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Ratio of Facility Size to Number of Children?
sinclair 06:34 PM 07-04-2008
Is there any rule-of-thumb for California Day Care/Pre-Schools regarding the square foot size of the building versus number of children? I understand what the "child/staff" ratio is.

For instance, a 5000 sq. ft. facility (building) near me is licensed for no more than 70 children, that's about 70 square feet per child.

I can't find any California licensing regulation that indicates number of children and floor space. Thanks.
Unregistered 07:44 PM 07-07-2008
I found out that it's 35 sq. ft. per child (activity area) inside, plus 75 sq. ft. outdoor play area per child, in California. Per "The State of California, Department of Social Services, Child Care Licensing, Title 22 Regulations."

That's all I wanted to know, so guess I answered my own question.

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