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Carol 03:35 PM 09-17-2007
I currently work at a day care with 3 year olds. The director said the ratio is 1:10. Once they start turning 4 years old, I was told the ratio is 1:12. Is this correct?

This is for the state of NJ. When my 3 year olds start turning 4 years old, I was told with the combined class, the ratio is 1:12. For Example: If I have six 4year olds and six 3 year olds, should I be watching all 12 by myself? And some are still not potty trained, so I have to change them, while watching all these kids. Thanks for your quick response.
Michael 03:37 PM 09-17-2007
In New Jersey it is 3 years 10:1 with a max of 20. At 4 years 12:1 with a max of 20. In our opinion if you have a mixed class you should only watch a max of 10. It reverts to the lower ratio age if mixed.
Unregistered 04:08 PM 04-28-2008
I work in a daycare with a 3 year old ratio of 12:1 and a 4 year old ratio of 14:1. with mixed ages we defer to the ratio that applies to the youngest child.
Unregistered 11:28 AM 05-15-2008
I am director of a licensed facility in Kentucky - the age of the youngest child governs the ratio here. Even if you had only one 3 year old, the ratio would be 1:10.
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