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SilverSabre25 05:44 PM 10-07-2013
What are your plans for Fire Prevention Week? Are you teaching anything special? Using it as a jumping off point for discussions about fire safety? Ignoring it entirely? Are there any books you recommend on the subject? Crafts that you do?

I found a bunch of online games and things that my homeschooled first grader is going to play around with. Some may be too advanced.

I plan to discuss "Stop, Drop, and Roll!" with the kids.
Hold a couple practice fire drills.
Discuss what to do if there's a fire (get down low, feel the door with your hand, don't try to take things with you)
Show them pictures of fire fighters dressed up in all their gear.

and...I dunno. Give me ideas!
melilley 06:59 PM 10-07-2013
I didn't do Fire Prevention specifically, but I did do Community Helpers and included Fire Prevention in the theme. I planned on doing fire drills on Friday, but forgot...oops, but I did do one today. My husband burned something in the oven this afternoon so the alarms went off and out we went!

I did have a police officer come over from our Township to talk to the kids. They even got to sit in the car! I was going to see if a the fire dept. would actually come over, but I thought that it would be a little much. My kids are 2.5 and under and I only have 5 altogether.

I like all of your ideas though, sorry I can't think of anything else to add.
Moppetland 08:26 AM 10-08-2013
When I was opened the first time, I took my kids on a field trip to the fire department that is 3 blocks up the street from me. They had plastic fire hats and everything. They did not act up or anything. They were intrigued. They got to get in an ambulance, on the fire truck and went to the area where the fire fighters lived when they are at the station. They received a goody bag of all kinds of fire prevention activities to take back with them. Then, at the end, they took a photo with all the fire fighters in house that day.
Blackcat31 08:43 AM 10-08-2013
Our local fire department comes over and does a presentation for the kids. I partner up with another daycare that lives 3 houses over.

The kids get fire hats, badges and color books. They also get to check out the fireman's uniform, truck and equipment.

The fire truck then takes the kids on a ride around the block and allows them to work the siren too!

They LOVE it!

Here is a picture... (the lady in the picture is my neighbor comforting a couple of her DCK's)

The two men are firemen...(one is one of my DCD's)
Leanna 04:54 PM 10-08-2013
We are doing fire safety too! We are doing:
-Stop, Drop, and Roll
-Dialing 911 in an emergency
-painting "flames" with red, orange, and yellow
-Making fire collages with tissue paper
-playing with fire trucks
-firefighter dress-up with fire hats and coats
-painting with firetrucks (wheeling them through the paint)
-I draw a large "fire" with chalk on the driveway and the kids use spray bottles of water to put the fire out
-Firefighter songs, poems, and books

This year I am also going to hide a cutout of a flame and when the kids find it we will have a fire drill - this idea I TOTALLY stole from MarinaVanessa
Meeko 09:19 PM 10-08-2013
One of our most fun weeks. FEMA sent me a ton of freebies a few years back. They sent fold-up fire trucks which are a huge hit. I used the last of them on Monday. I'm hoping they still have them on their web site. We are going to walk to our local fire station later this week.

We have a fire drill every day during fire week.

I ordered two Disney videos from their educational site
about fire safety which the kids LOVE. Thery star Pumba and Timon learning about fire safety. Very cute.
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