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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Losing My Ever Loving Mind With SA Girl
laceylmm 11:03 AM 06-27-2014
This girl is 6. I asked her mother to enroll her in this free camp over summer so she wouldn't have to be here with little kids (ie disrupting everyone else). Mom ignored and is sending her along with her two younger sisters.

This child listens to NOTHING! Everything I say is responded to with a very whiney 'why' 'how come' 'that's not fair' 'it was an accident' 'I didn't know'

So she is a handful as it is...but now nap time is an issue. As I knew it would be, hence why I asked her mom to take her somewhere else for summer. I've tried letting her sit at table and play Legos or read books. SHe always starts a fight with someone, is in no way shape or form quiet even for five minutes. So after she's been given a chance she does have to sit on a mat. Then she starts screaming. Even if she sits without scraaming that she can't lay down she is thumping the ground, making every noise possible, laughing histarically because she thinks it's funny that she refuses to be quiet.

This is also the child that runs from her mom at pickup. Goes crazy when her mom is here. Smacks her sister for no reason. Mom never does anything...

Please give me suggestions. The only way she remotely behaves during quiet time is with tv but I hate to reward her with tv when she in no way has earned it with her behavior.
lilcupcakes09 11:07 AM 06-27-2014
This might be easier said than done, but tell her Mom she needs to figure something else out for the rest of the summer, she is disrupting your entire program and it seems like you have tried everything possible to accomodate her.
Meeko 11:07 AM 06-27-2014
Term. Now.
cheerfuldom 11:23 AM 06-27-2014
Term now. Tell mom the oldest child needs to be in an appropriate environment and you can see that your home is no longer the right fit for her.
Blackcat31 11:32 AM 06-27-2014
Yeah, I would rephrase my "request" to mom so she doesn't hear it as if you are asking her.

I would TELL her you can no longer accommodate the child's needs.

It's the truth and it's in the best interest of the child.
laceylmm 11:41 AM 06-27-2014
The sad part is the next younger sister is nine months younger than her and acts nothing like this.
laceylmm 11:43 AM 06-27-2014
So I'm banking on mom taking both older girls out. :/
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