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Denise 03:33 AM 12-26-2007
My son is 3 and in an 'early preschool' program at a daycare. Generally the routine is that if they arrive before 8AM all the kids go into a large room until their teacher(s) arrive and they break out into their age groups. My concern is that this morning my husband went to drop him off and it was 8:50 and there was a larger than usual group of kids (approx 30 or so kids, including some 7 and older) in that room w/ only one adult in there serving up their breakfast.

So what is the rule about number of kids in that situation for each adult? I'm in Virginia and I know for his age it's 1-10 in a classroom but what about this particular situation? Does that same rule rule apply?

For the record, I called my Dad and had him go and pick up my son right away. It turns out both of my son's regular teachers are out today. It didn't sound like they were prepared to handle that.
Michael 10:27 AM 12-26-2007
Children are required to be supervised at all times as per state ratio standards.

22 VAC 40-110-110. Capacity.
The licensee shall ensure that the total number of children receiving care at any one time does not exceed the maximum licensed capacity of the home.

Child Care Licensing Agency
Virginia Department of Social Services
Division of Licensing Programs
7 North 8th Street, 2nd floor
Richmond, VA 23219-1849
Phone: (804) 726-7154
Toll Free: (800) 543-7545
Fax: (804) 726-7132

1. 1:4 children from birth through 15 months of age;
2. 1:5 children from 16 months through 23 months of age;
3. 1:8 children from two years through four years of age;
4. 1:16 children from five years through nine years of age; and
5. Children who are 10 years of age and older shall not count in determining the ratio of adults to children for staffing purposes.
B. When children are in mixed age groups, the provider shall apply the following point system in determining the need for an assistant. Each care giver shall not exceed 16 points. The provider's own and resident children under eight years of age count in point maximums:
1. Children from birth through 15 months of age count as four points each;
2. Children from 16 months through 23 months of age count as three points each;
3. Children from two years through four years of age count as two points each;
4. Children from five years through nine years of age count as one point each; and
5. Children who are 10 years of age and older count as zero points.
EXCEPTION: The point maximums for mixed age groups or the fixed adult-to-child ratios may be exceeded in one age group for no more than one child for up to one month from the date of the child's enrollment during transitional periods when there is turnover in children receiving care and when the ages of the child leaving and the child entering care do not match.
Unregistered 07:51 PM 07-22-2008
Ea state is different-but 1 teacher to 30 kids-COME ON hahhaa-I would of pulled my child out-hahahaha-whatever became of that? I'm in-home and my license is 1-12 depending on the ages-if I have two under 1 then I can only have 10-BUT I have a helper-don't need it according to the state-but I NEED it :-)
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