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mamamanda 01:38 PM 02-28-2018
What is your procedure like for bathroom breaks? Do you go as a group or just as needed? Do you allow more than one kid in the restroom at a time? I'm guess I'm just wondering what other providers' routine looks like.
storybookending 01:43 PM 02-28-2018
Right now I only have two that are potty trained and they just go when they need to, one at a time. They are at the age where they donít need reminders or anything and know when itís time to stop and go. I do make the use the bathroom right before nap and before we go outside.
Blackcat31 02:27 PM 02-28-2018
We use the restroom between activities. Of course, the door is open if anyone needs to use the bathroom outside of transition times.

The kids clean up whatever they were doing and form a line for the bathroom. One at a time in the bathroom. Bathroom door stays open. (bathroom is set up so no one can see anyone else)

The littles that require my assistance go last so I am free to assist them. Out of 10 kids in underwear, only 2 really require any assistance from me.

The rest of the kids can all use the bathroom and wash their hands without my assistance or physical presence.

When each child is finished using the bathroom they go to the main group area and "give me 5" signaling they are ready to begin the next activity.

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