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kidzkountry 08:44 AM 06-07-2020
I have a question, or a few! I am Director of a Center with 17 employees. We are rural, so not a huge pool to hire from. How do you get your employees to follow rules and meet expectations? I have tried rewarding for education and good performance. Some just don't care. I have tried suspension and remedial training. Right now, they all know that suspension is not an option due to limited staff. It surprises me everyday the stuff done because of laziness or not thinking! I just expect us to follow rules and conduct ourselves in the best possible interest for the children. Don't get me wrong. My staff is a wonderful group of ladies, but many are young and don't have the same views as the older generation. What has worked for any of you?
Michael 09:55 AM 06-07-2020
Welcome to the forum. Here are some previous threads on Employee Handbook and Employee Training.
Reply 05:39 PM 06-07-2020
Thank you!
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