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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Do You Care For Children Under 18mos? If So, What Kinds Of Activities Do You Do?
badams 08:21 AM 02-28-2012
Just wondering. I'm thinking of opening care up to children younger than 2 years.
Sunchimes 08:46 AM 02-28-2012
I have 2 that are 17 mo and one 18 month old, all girls. We do a lot of free play. They have just started getting interested in dolls as more than something to drag around by the leg. We are wrapping them and putting them in the cradle, feeding them, and rocking them. They also like to put them in the strollers and grocery cart and push them around---for miles!

They love to take the large blocks made out of juice boxes and make walking trails out of them and stack them. We do a lot of dancing and singing-I keep either the radio or a cd going most of the day. Current favorite seems to be Fleetwood Mac. They will randomly stop and cue into the music and dance a little, then move along. We look at board books a lot. I sing nursery rhymes and do finger plays--nothing organized though-no circle time. One of them will come up and lean on me or get in my lap and I'll do Itsy Bitsy Spider with them or sing Head, shoulders, knees, and toes or something. There is nothing cuter than a baby trying to do Itsy Bitsy Spider or Hokey Pokey.
I have some hidey spots and they like to take a book there and look at it. I have some indoor riding toys that are popular. They love the shape sorter box and the stacker made of different size cups.

Their favorite thing is to go on walks. In decent weather, we take a couple of walks a day or play outside.

I have a few puzzles, but they aren't very interested in them. When I started, I bought (at yard sales) a lot of toys that require batteries, some V-tech books, etc. They played with them a lot until they were about 14 months old. I noticed the other day that some of them haven't been taken off the shelf since Christmas.

They like the Mega Blocks a lot. I only have a few, but I'm heading to the Just Between Friends sale this weekend and hope to get some more.

Hope this helps.
cheerfuldom 09:11 AM 02-28-2012
I have two 18 month olds and a 9 month old. One of the older ones will sit down with the big kids and color but mainly, these three just play, eat and nap. I don't try and do anything structured with them because none of them really understand or have the focus to do anything more than free play. In general, they are all happy little ones and just go along with whatever toys they find. We do love going outside and going for walks.
Lilbutterflie 09:37 AM 02-28-2012
I have one 8 mo and one 15 mo; and then I have my own 4 yr old and PT 4yr old. I have to say it's hard with the two age groups. If I had my choice, I'd do either all babies or all preschoolers and not mix the ages.

But the PPs said it all; free play is what we do. They like the Peak-a-blocks, baby toys, mega blocks, board books; and DANCING/listening to music. I highlighted dancing b/c that seems to be their favorite time of the day besides our walk/outdoor play. Even the 8 mo seems to dance (while she's sitting) every time the music comes on!

Occasionally I'll do some crafts and other activities that the preK get to do with the 15 mo; like play-do, finger painting, and spaghetti painting (an idea I got off Pinterest).
Michael 01:49 PM 02-28-2012
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