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Unregistered 11:37 AM 08-21-2020
Hi all!! I work in a center and was recently moved from infants to twos. I have mostly boys 😳! I need some ideas please to keep them busy! They seem to have great fun hitting, kicking and throwing toys at each other. The previous teacher got rid of most of the toys and other things that keep little ones busy. I’m thinking the more hands-on activities the better. Thanks for all your ideas!
Cat Herder 12:10 PM 08-21-2020
If they are inclined to hit, kick and throw, find a way to allow it.

Hit = Drums (even homemade), Bongos, Hammer and Peg toys, etc.

Kick = Monster Feet Stomper toys, Jumping Jacks, Jump Rope, Soccer net, etc.

Throw - Basketball Toss, balled gym sock (snowballs) toss into laundry baskets, Cornhole, etc.
Unregistered 02:21 PM 08-21-2020
Thanks, I never would have thought of using that!!!
Cat Herder 02:34 PM 08-21-2020
You are very welcome!
Michael 04:06 PM 08-21-2020
Please consider registering. Here are more threads on activities for 2 year olds:
Mariposa 05:24 PM 08-21-2020
Sounds like my former 2 year old room at the center I ran. I walked into the mess and my company gave me not authority for anything.

Teacher removed everything from room.

The kids were not violent but they had no toys.

Kids like spraying the table with water. So simple.

Paint brushing with water


Soft books.

Toy cars to sit on and wheel around.
flying_babyb 09:03 AM 08-22-2020
some go tos from a 2-3 teacher:
Painting in a box (toss in a golf ball, paint and paper in a clear plastic box that has a lock tight lid. Let shake)
Sensory table (some of mine can do this well, others not so much. We use a rubbermate. Currently its easter grass and random animals)
Ballons... I know, I know, your not suposted to give kids under 3 balloons but with supervision its great. MY kids will play with them for hours

Scarves: We bought some cheap ones at dollar tree and cut them in half. Tied each half to a hair tie. The kids can wear them and play with them. This is nice for my hitter kids.
Unregistered 11:08 AM 08-24-2020
Thank-you for the ideas! The “snowballs” were a hit! I added in kicking the air to Simon Says and it seemed to reduce the kicking each other. I also got them moving a bit more. This is a great site with lots of great advice and support!!
Cat Herder 11:20 AM 08-24-2020
I am so glad to hear it!! Those are some of my favorite activities for burning off energy.

Today was dark and stormy so I pulled out the old dark colored bedsheets and threw them over the tables. I gave them little flashlights, tossed some oversized counting coins randomly through the room and let them go "caving" for treasure.

I would have used some of the art gemstones but I have a couple under 3 right now.

Bought me 30 minutes to clean out my paint drawer.
Ariana 03:33 PM 08-27-2020
I also find boys want to “work” so giving them chores and making them help you do things works brilliantly!
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