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lovemylife 04:03 PM 08-24-2013
Hello everyone. I am new to the group. I have been doing In Home Daycare for almost 4 years in Iowa.

I am fed up of our play room!!! How does everyone organized their toys? We currently have Ikea Wooden storage Cubes. But the bins keep breaking! The closest Ikea is 7 hours away and for some reason they don't ship the bins. Also they are in a stairway form so i am constantly telling the kids not to climb them. So I am looking for another option. We have tried the toy organizers (fabric) but they don't hold up well and the kiddos like to take the sticks out. I am looking for something very sturdy! It would be great if you could share pictures of your playroom too. I want to remodel the whole place in the next few months.

Thank you!
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Maria2013 04:26 PM 08-24-2013
welcome to the group, I'm new too

My daycare is divided in 5 different rooms and I use a combination of drawers, shelves, cabbies, toy-boxes etc
LK5kids 04:51 PM 08-24-2013
Welcome! I did family child care in Iowa for ten years! That was years ago. I have pine shelves my husband made modeled after shelves found on school supply sites like discount school supply.

I use the plastic, red dish pans from WalMart for toys with pieces. I like the red better than the white for color choice. They last forevah!

Good luck with your search!
butterfly 05:04 PM 08-24-2013
I have something very similar to this:
I actually have a 3*3 cube shelfing system. And instead of the fabric baskets, I use some plastic bins I found at the Dollar Tree. We've broke a few, but for $1 each I can afford to replace them a whole lot easier than the fabric bins.

I've had this type of system for many years:

I like that it's adjustable and can be refigured to the size I need. I currently have these taken out of my toy room and just have the first link type of system in there since I now rotate my toys a lot more and don't have it all out at once. However, I've used these wire ones through all my kids and foster kids and they have held up very well....
lovemylife 05:17 PM 08-24-2013
Thank you ladies! I have had the wire ones before but I got rid of them because they kept bending and the plastic knobs kept snapping, falling off or the kids pulling them off. My 5 year old is very rough on furniture and toys I have a perfect storage idea but can't seem to find anything like it and if I tried to build it, it wouldn't look good and would probably fall apart.
Michael 06:05 PM 08-24-2013
Welcome !
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