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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>I Need Drop In Or Before And After School Contract Help!
LaLa1923 11:01 AM 01-16-2014
Does anyone have anything they can share for drop in, hourly care, or before and after care??

I have a solid handbook and contract. I just feel like it does not apply a lot of the time. In situations where I'm doing hourly care and/or drop in. KWIM??
LaLa1923 07:23 PM 01-16-2014
ihop 08:06 PM 01-16-2014
Sorry but I don't. What I did was leave about 5 lines under my explanation of rates and I fill that info in there and have the parent sign that section. I like it that way since it covers all of the important material and I can charge whatever I feel like at the time and they won't know the difference

I just covered in a small part about hours, how much notice I require for drop in and what I define as before or after school care.
TheGoodLife 08:56 PM 01-16-2014
I took my contracted handbook and just omitted a few things (deposit, leave notice, ect) I still kept 5 pages, and have a contract with anyone before I will do drop-in. It also states I need 24 hours notice to cancel or no refunds/payment still due. That way if someone commits to a day they cant just hold it and cancel or no-call/no-show (they COULD, but then I wouldn't take their kids anymore). I can send a copy if you'd like.
Michael 09:53 PM 01-16-2014
Drop in Contact threads:
CrackerJacks 10:39 PM 01-16-2014
Everyone gets the same policy handbook and I have a paragraph regarding drop ins.

Drop In
Drop in care will be provided at a rate of $12/hr

Drop in care will be as space is available

It is the responsibility of the parent to confirm with the provider their child’s drop in schedule prior to the day of care (up to one week in advance).

Tuition will be due on a weekly basis on the first day of the week care is provided (Ex: care is scheduled for M, Tue and Th, tuition for the whole week of care is due on Mon).

Drop in clients are not responsible for provider holidays, vacation days or sick days.

Drop in clients are responsible for tuition if their child becomes sick prior to the day that care is scheduled for or if they become sick during the day and need to be sent home. (Ex: parent confirms drop in care for Tue and Th, child becomes sick Monday and is not able to attend care on Tue and/or Th. The client is still responsible for tuition for Tue and/or Th.)
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