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SilverSabre25 12:34 PM 01-26-2012
DCB here Monday and Tuesday, acting fine, coughed in my face Tuesday afternoon. Out yesterday with a fever, out today and we find out he has strep.

I suddenly remembered the coughing in my face.

Curse words!!

And of course, everyone is a bit sick right now...nasty coughs and drippy noses. So, everyone's immune system is working hard right now and I'm guessing we're all a bit more susceptible.

More curse words.

This kid apparently had strep a few weeks ago too, but no one got it then. Maybe we'll get lucky? Maybe?

I keep remembering that cough in my face...ick. Blech.
MyAngels 03:12 PM 01-26-2012
Well, on the positive side, in no time your immune system will be so strong that you will be immune to every bug on the planet.

I have not been sick since 1998 .
SilverSabre25 03:17 PM 01-26-2012
Yeah...we have pretty strong systems anyway, That's just awfully precise and direct exposure. If I avoid this I think I'll offer up my white blood cells for scientific study

For the most part, my family is rarely sick.
Meyou 01:25 AM 01-27-2012
Ooooh, I totally feel your paranoia. I had a kid vomit last week and I instantly felt sick. Then the second one told me there were squiggles in his belly!! I felt nauseous for the next 2 days and needed to take out stock in lysol. I didn't get sick BTW. I was just being crazy.
mickey2 04:04 AM 01-27-2012
Arrrg!! Hopefully you do not get sick. I had that happen to me about 3 weeks ago with one of my little dcbs. He had been all congested, runny nose coughing and so cranky for about a week! He sneezed as I was holding him right in my mouth!

10 days later I was sick. Started late on Friday afternoon feeling like crap and by Saturday morning I was so sick. I had to take the Monday off. I only started feeling better this week! I was sick for 2 weeks

I still have a bit of a cough and feel the need to clear my throat frequently still but at least the flu symptoms are gone.
godiva83 05:01 AM 01-27-2012
I agree with enough years under your belt in daycare or teaching you become immune to it all! I bet I could lick the poles in a subway and walk away to tell about it lol.
However, my first 2 years I caught EVERyTHING that the kids brought in and more.
SilverSabre25 05:57 AM 01-27-2012
Last night I did start to get a sore throat around 8 PM...just over 48 hours since the exposure. Apparently incubation is 2-3 days so...right in the window. I took a mega dose of Vit C, mega dose of D, and regular dose of Vit B, as well as drinking lots of water and the sore throat is mostly gone this morning. Dodged a bullet? We'll see. I'm continuing the vitamins and water all day today.

I really, REALLY do not want to take antibiotics.

and I really, REALLY do not want to be sick right now.
godiva83 09:19 AM 01-28-2012
So I totally jinxed myself
I woke up so sick this AM with sore throat, sore ears, sore face!
Lol opps
Blackcat31 08:09 AM 01-29-2012
Originally Posted by godiva83:
I bet I could lick the poles in a subway and walk away to tell about it lol!
..Okay, we really need a vomit "smilie".....
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